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Alipay (Chinese: 支付宝) is a third-party mobile and online payment platform, established in Hangzhou, China in February 2004 by Alibaba Group and its founder Jack Ma. In 2015, Alipay moved its headquarters to Pudong, Shanghai, although its parent company Ant Financial remains Hangzhou-based. Alipay overtook PayPal as the world's largest mobile payment platform in 2013. As of 31 March 2018, the number one mobile payment service organization and the second-largest payment service organization in the world. According to the statistics of the fourth quarter of 2018, Alipay has a 55.32% share of the third-party payment market in mainland China, and it continues to grow.

The Papers published a piece in August 2018 about how Alipay fined for violating payment services regulation:

Alipay has been fined over USD 601k for violating payment services regulations, according to a regulatory filing by the central bank’s Shanghai branch.

In the filing, the Shanghai branch didn’t elaborate on the wrongdoing by Alipay, which is an affiliate of e-commerce large company Alibaba Group Holding. At the end of July 2018, Alipay’s rival Tenpay, which is backed by social media giant Tencent Holdings, were each fined 600,000 yuan by the country’s foreign exchange regulator for violating rules on handling cross-border payments.

Then, Alipay was accused of offering unauthorized cross-border payments while Tenpay was caught mishandling clients’ payments, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange said on July 24, according to Asian publication Caixing.

Separately, the central bank’s head office fined two other payment platforms - and UMF - for transgressions including failing to verify transactions, providing services for unidentified users, and violating rules of capital reserve and cross-border money transfer.

The penalties are part of a stepped-up central bank crackdown on misconduct in China’s multi-trillion dollar online payment market involving consistent fines on violators. Moreover, it is also reflecting the financial regulators’ efforts to fight fraud and money laundering that have increasingly thrived on the internet and used online payment platforms to facilitate dodgy transactions.

Starting with 2019, the central bank will require third-party payment providers to report large-amount and suspicious transactions, a rule in line with commercial banks in a bid to prevent money laundering, fraud, or terrorist financing.


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Senior S/W Engineer says

"I worked at Alipay for less than a year Cons: You will be feeling burnt out very shortly. Company politics and HR one person department has too much power but less professionalism. Feel like you are working in a family owned private company, some tell you they have startup culture but it's not, it's disorganized. There is no diversity. If you can't read Chinese, you will have difficulties using their system. The IT system is not well integrated, local IT can't help with your IT issues. Many piliyics going on, you will not be able to get support if you don't manage your manager well."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Alipay full-time Cons: The interview procedures and processes are not well organized. Different starting day and different reporting managers were given. Your reporting manager can be changed anytime with different organization structure changes or personnel changes. Some senior managers really don't know what they are doing, with no right matching experience. Btw, some of managers can fire people without given notices. I literally witnessed few. Make sure you know who you work for and check this person's background."

Former Employee - User Experience Designer says

"I worked at Alipay full-time for more than a year Cons: 1. Many expectations and unreasonable requirements from different managers who may not have the expertise in your profession. 2. Review based on relationships with the boss and HR, not on how you really performed and what you did. 3.Overtime everyday from 9am to 10pm+. 4.Structure changes often almost every 3 months, so you are hard to accomplish something or accumulate profession."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Alipay full-time Cons: There are so many plans. just plans.."

Software Engineer says

"I worked at Alipay Cons: you can do many things you want. Salary is good. So enjoy this.pashion, interresting, this place is so wonderful."

Former Employee - Senior Associate says

"I worked at Alipay full-time for more than 3 years Cons: no work life / balance"

Former Employee - Frontend Developer says

"I worked at Alipay full-time Cons: Too many meetings. Overwork to a crushing degree."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"I have been working at Alipay full-time Cons: Working overtime, salary is not very competitive."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Alipay part-time Cons: The management system was not very mature."

Former Employee - Designer says

"I worked at Alipay full-time for more than a year Cons: As I mentioned below, only one you can rely on is yourself. You should be very active and positive, or you may lose in the battle."

Victoria Richards says

"Would give negative stars if possible. I downloaded it, put in my phone number, and it instantly said my account was locked and I had to call to unlock it.

Called them, they said it would take 3 working days to unlock. I haven't even made an account and you've already locked it?

They wouldn't explain why this occurred. Will not be trusting them with my money when they can't handle something as simple as setting up an account."

Daniel Dennis says

"As other buyers have stated earlier Alipay is processing credit card transactions as unauthorized "cash advance" payment. I try to be extra careful online and try to use an extra layer of protection when possible. In this case, I used Paypal with my Credit Card as primary payment. I made a single payment and no additional charges were informed or mentioned. I was not aware at the time that Ali was processing as Unauthorized Cash Advances and even the extra layer of protection with Paypal regardless still allowed processing of my credit card payment as a "Cash Advance" payment with $10 transaction fee plus Daily Interest. They seem to be trying to use a loophole in the system to scam customers into paying fees they would otherwise incur if they set up a proper Credit Card Charge system. Fraud!!!

I should have learned when I had a bad experience in 2013 with AliExpress; the wrong item was received and my dispute was never resolved.
Avoid the "ALI" corporation like the plague."

Taylor Ezay says

"Terrible interface, after 12 good hours of trying to create account. Mutliple messages that shows you can't access this feature because not from mainland china, really racistic behaviour. Website is so confusing..."

Mary says

"Made two small purchases on Ali Express which uses Alipay for payment. They processed my credit card payment as a "Cash Advance" so each purchase incurred a $10 transaction fee when it reached my credit card company. Terrible experience trying to straighten this out. Could not get anyone to help at AliPay or Ali Express. No more purchases for me using anything that starts with "Ali"."

Mark says

"WARNING ALIPAY money transfer is a complete FRAUD.

Two weeks ago my wife used Alipay to international transfer money to my commbank account. The money was not credited to my account; but, it has been taken from her account."

Melvin Stronkhorst says

"terrible user interface, no easy way of adding/removing cards, resetting your password when adding new card? No way to contact support, terrible terrible terrible"

scambyAlipay says

"Alipay is a scam. There are many articles created out there by their trooper to make sure foreigner who stay outside of China able to use Alipay, however in actual fact without verify your account using a require Bank card from a bank incorporated in Mainland China.( it has to be a bank presence physically in MAINLAND China) any fund which they didn’t stop other transfer to your Alipay will stay frozen in that account forever(it mean stay with Alipay forever). There is no way you can get the fund, when you can’t even get yourself verify especially foreigner who are not able to open a bank account in MAINLAND China without being a residence in CHINA. It is one big scam of cheating foreigner money. All those articles owned by China will not allow you to post any bad comment, they filter it and make sure other foreigner get scam and end up money flow into Alipay and get forfeit by Alipay. When you try to call their customer service, the phone number does not work, when you try chat with customer service , the AI will keep telling you I don’t understand your question."

Rowan Hendriks says

"I've orderd products with Alipay on Alibaba thinking that they stick to their promise and refund my shipment if anything is wrong.

After having mayor issues with my shipment Alipay did nothing.
They eventually closed the case after dodging the argument 4 times coming with this closing statement:

''Based on your current evidence, we cannot learn the root cause of the problem. It may be caused by many factors like improper operation or transportation. We have tried hard to contact seller to negotiate solution many times, however, seller refused to refund as buyer's request. ''

The product i bought has a single way of operation and i've provided multiple video's and photo's with one of the products even smoking after use.

Please use paypal or creditcard and never trust in Alipay."

Danny says

"Alipay sucks
Why would Alipay take credit card information and then decline it as international card when it starts with international card on Didi?
Didi is in the same boat. They have international card option but when you put in the card its declined.
How is one supposed to work in this country and build a business relationship with factories when everything is stacked against you doing so.
No credit cards, no maps, taxi drivers that want to rip you off all the time and no way to find your way back on your own.
China is doing great except making things easier for people who are making things happen for it."

Isobel Florence says

"If you have a UK number you can't use alipay !

At registration they have every dialling code for all countries except the UK (+44). This has caused quite an issue as I can't travel around china and pay for things, without completing registration by verifying my phone number.

Although loads of articles say it accepts foreigners and UK people this isn't the case at all!


柏晓勇 says

"Cant use the same functions Chinese people get. Like open a savings account."


"Non chinese can’t acces their money outside of china. Different treatment for chinese and non chinese. Racist treatment and withholding of money. Poor customer service."

Erik Kouw says

"Don't make a account here on alipay. they have stolen 50usd from me. they promised to resolved this problem but I never see my 50usd back on my account. BEWARE!"

Joe Bishop says

"Decent but nothing to rant about! Super complicated for English speakers"

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